Today many people are prearranging their own funeral and burial services so the important decisions are made in advance of need.  When you plan your funeral in advance you have the opportunity to involve your family and discuss your wishes with them.

Planning ahead removes much of the burden from your family and gives all of you time to arrange for special, personal ways to remember and celebrate your life.

We will help you think through this process and record your desires in writing.  This protects those you love from having to make those major decisions during their time of grief. Pre-planning also gives you peace of mind that comes with knowing a spouse or child will not be left with making important decisions at a stressful time.

If you are ready to begin or have questions about the Pre-Planning process, please call us
at (518) 747-4243.  You can also complete the below form and click submit. (Note, there are scroll bars on the right and bottom of the form)

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